Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fast food, the Swedish way

Well, how to start this little food blog? With a Swedish classic, I think, gubbröra (= old man´s hash). Actually, it just happened that way, and that´s the way this blog is going to happen. I have no ambitions to impress you here, I just want to write about and post photos of what I actually eat.

Gubbröra is a classic smörgåsbord dish, and something that we associate with old-style Swedish principal town hotels. 

To feed two people: use two hard-boiled eggs, one half onion, 80 g of anchovy (a regular tin), a heaped tablespoon of sour cream, dill. Chop and mix. You can also make a hot version of this, but that is something I have yet to try - not as fast, obviously.

The best bread to use for this is a Swedish sweet rye loaf, and mine is home-made, grandma´s recipe. I will blog that soon, as I am planning to bring one to an Easter feast. But any kind of bread will do. Rye is best, though. Butter it generously. Add a vegetable for some crunch. I had a cucumber.

Beer would have been nice, but it´s a working day and it makes me sleepy, so we go with Swedish saft, which is a fruit drink made with fruit syrup and water. Not home made, but there is a good selection in stores these days. Our current favourite is Tillman´s ecological elderflower saft, which comes from Grangärde cider factory (I just realized this - I grew up there!).

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