Thursday, July 10, 2014

Iced tea - On the Quick

Here is something I picked up in a Korean restaurant in London: iced water and a tea bag. I had to try it, and today is the perfect day since we are having a proper heat wave here, with 19 degrees outside! I am wearing a dress! Bare legs! I bought a black tea with orange flavour (something I would never drink warm), and you know, it´s really good! I am pretty sure the girl I saw drink it used green tea, but for some reason that gives me nausea.

I did drink a lot of iced tea when I was in Iowa as an exchange student, but that was made from hot tea mixed with sugar and lemon, and then iced. Nowadays I find that too sweet but this is just perfect, and so easy!


  1. I've made cold-brew sun tea before, but it's just quicker for me to boil the water, pour it over tea bags and add lots of ice.

    I checked, and 19C would be about 66F. I love the difference in temps. At 66F I'd be pulling on a sweater. lol

    1. Sun tea, that´s a great name for it! Iced tea isn´t really part of Swedish heritage, but one should be open to new things, I think.

      Actually, it must have been horrid the day before we came home from England, which would be Tuesday: my cousin-in-law complained that they had 30 degrees inland! That happens very rarely, thankfully! We are very pleased with summer temperatures around 20.

    2. 30C would be about 86F? We're relieved when the high temps are down that low. It's funny when northerners come down here and we compare notes on summer and winter extremes. Variety is the spice of life.

    3. I suppose we all adapt to where we live, and what to expect. I saw an American young man in London one Christmas week at the Tower of London, wearing shorts and a t-shirt! I think it was about 10C/50F. Not cold by our standards (warm for Christmas, for us) but we do wear clothes! I wonder if he thought the world is a minor extension of California...

    4. We see that a lot with students from the north going to school here. They say it never gets cold enough here for their winter gear (though they're exaggerating, as we get snow & ice sometimes), and they wear shorts & t-shirts all winter. As you say, they've gotten used to colder weather. It makes me shiver to look at them. brrrr!

    5. LOL perhaps the guy I saw at the Tower of London was from Alaska!