Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The 3-Week Plan: Day 2

Today my plan said pickled herring. Also, when I was cooking with the mum-in-law on Friday, we made cabbage pudding with mash, and she was adamant that I take home a portion for the husband. I tried very gently to say that he isn´t that keen on cabbage pudding, but as she sometimes does, she elected not to register this. So I brought him a portion, as it clearly means a lot to her. The problem is when to eat it. My solution was to make two dishes for dinner, first pickled herring, and then we split the portion of pudding between us.

Turns out, the husband has work dinners to go to on Wednesday and Thursday, when I had planned to make roast beef and soup & cheesecake respectively. So he said: why not have the roast beef on Tuesday, and then you can eat the single portion of cabbage pudding yourself on Wednesday (as it is a favourite of mine), and we can have the soup & cheesecake on Friday. Ok, I said, but if she asks you about the pudding, you must lie. He promised to do so. This is what happens with plans - you get opportunities to change them all the time. That´s ok. The herring will keep in its jar for weeks and my Friday plan, the sausages, are still in the freezer.

I roasted the potatoes in the oven with carrots, put lettuce straight onto our plates (I usually fill about half the plate with vegetables, according to the plate model issued by the Swedish National Food Administration - I know that sounds a bit communist-plan-economy, but it´s a really good tool), the roast beef is something I buy ready-made (I prefer the American roast, as it is not pink - I don´t like pink meat) so that was quick and easy. Accompaniments: chutney and horseradish creme fraiche. Saft to drink. 


  1. One of my daddy's expressions was, "Let's be flexible." It doesn't pay to be too rigid. Roast beef and roasted potatoes! Oh, it's been ages since I had that. I'm adjusting my grocery list now....

    1. Yes, part of the pleasure with plans is changing them! Without a plan or structure, you have nothing to flex.