Sunday, September 7, 2014

The 3-Week Plan: Day 7

... of which there isn´t much to say. The original plan was to eat with the mum-in-law; we did that yesterday. Today we cleaned the house, put away all the things on the balcony for the winter, and put down new carpets for the hall. At the end of it we decided to go out for hamburgers. After that, we went home for fika, or tea and cookies from the market. At least that was a bit special.

I´m afraid I had taken a bite before I remembered to snap them...


  1. It's not nearly time yet here to bring my plants & birds in for the winter. High today predicted of 88F, and folks are happy for under-90F temps lol. Those cookies are so pretty!

    1. Oh well. We are enjoying a very warm autumn, with temperatures of 10-15 C/50-60 F. The birches are all turning yellow, and the rowan berries are plentiful. The elk hunt is on. And those cookies are pretty but dangerous. This morning I feel my sweet tooth is back with a vengeance. All I want is butter and honey...

      You keep birds?