Friday, September 5, 2014

The 3-Week Plan: Day 5

The plan for Friday said sausage with mash, but I was having more left-overs than I thought, so I decided to fry the roast potatoes & carrots from Tuesday with onions and peppers to make them go further, and serve them with the five last slices of roast beef, accompanied with lettuce, chutney and creme fraiche. The husband prefered barbecue sauce, which isn´t my thing really, can´t get into that smoky stuff. We found some rye crackers and ate them with the last of the tapenade, and drank blackcurrant saft. Pretty much a repeat of Tuesday, but tasty, all the same.

That head of lettuce was uncommonly large and has kept well all week, surprisingly. I still have half of it left, so I rinsed it and put it in the sandwich box so I will remember to eat it on my breakfast bread. It´s really exceptionally good lettuce, something we are not spoiled with.

Tomorrow, we intend to get our dinner at the international street market, and the mum-in-law, who is planning to tag along, called today and said she had bought some fresh raspberries for dessert. She had taken a walk today with Maria from the home-help service, which had cheered her up no end. Being so hard of seeing, she really needs someone to go with her, and it´s frustrating for her to be dependent on us, who have jobs and little time for her during the day. The home-helpers are a godsend, truly.

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